How to use Windows 10s Quick Assist app for remote PC support

Because files are constantly being written, deleted and resized, fragmentation is a natural occurrence. When a file is spread out over several locations, it takes longer to read and write resulting in slow computer performance. With the help of Defragment and Optimize Drives , you can analyze your hard drives to find out whether they need to be optimized, and optimize them to make your PC run more efficiently. In order to help you quickly open the tool, this article illustrates how to create its shortcut on Windows 10 desktop in three methods.

  • The Snipping Tool doesn’t offer a native way to draw straight lines or circles.
  • The next day, you download the next hot game, which may be about 20 GB.
  • The faster your flash drive, the more of a speed boost you should see.
  • Thus, the fragmented data is reorganized by this application on your hard drive’s partitions.

Windows 10X was never going to be sold as retail licenses either. With Windows 11, there won’t be any technical reason that you can’t go ahead and install it on any PC. A good way to think of this is a rebrand, but a rebrand that’s coming at a time where there’s a big UX overhaul. Under the hood, this is the same Windows 10 that we’ve known for years, and it could have shipped as a Windows 10 update. The new brand is about creating excitement around the idea that this is brand-new.

Author: Marie Black, Editor In Chief

This is the place where you can ask a question and get an answer via Get Help or Contact Support. You will find options for extended help right at the bottom. You will find here different options that include preparing Microsoft to call you, which includes information on the waiting time for an agent to be ready to assist you. For getting connected with a Microsoft representative directly, you can simply choose a dedicated app already present in your computer.

You’ll see a dialog featuring a list of the hard drives in your PC or laptop, their media type, when they were last defragged, and how fragmented they are. You really need to defrag only if the drive is more than 10 percent fragmented. Optimizing your PC’s internal hard drive is a very important process that improves the performance of your computer.

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If you prefer to use Windows’ defragger, you can open it by pressing the Windows key (or Ctrl-Esc), pressing R , typing defrag in Vista or dfrg.msc in XP, and pressing Enter. The interface of Vista’s Disk Defragmenter is nonexistent; the utility is clearly designed for behind-the-scenes operation. Your only options are to set the defrag schedule, select the volumes to defrag, and run the defragger. Puran Defrag Free Edition is the free version of Puran Defrag, an alternative defrag tool that helps you keep your hard drive in perfect shape.Like its older… Wise Disk Cleaner helps you recover space on your hard drive by removing all sorts of junk files easily and fast.The good thing about Wise Disk Cleaner is…

The new context menus looks great, but it can take some getting used to. Microsoft has opted to use both X and Y axes for different options. The most common tasks such as copy, paste, cut, and delete, are represented as icons that flow horizontally along the top of the menu. Then, all the other options are presented as a vertical list Go Now. This is really confusing at first, and is the one thing that I’ve really struggled to get used to. Essentially, Microsoft has made it so that if an app you use isn’t in the Microsoft Store, it’s because the developer is just too lazy to submit it for listing.

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