Richauto A11E DSP Controller

S&J Automation solutions provides sales of Richauto A11E DSP controller used in your woodcutting CNC Machine. We import Genuine branded A11E Model. All products sold come with 1year standard warranty. we also provide on site service support for any kind of wood router Machine.

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Sailent features

  • Embedded System.
  • USB storage device reading.
  • Multiple format G code and PLT (HPGL) file reading.
  • G code writing error check.
  • Processing code pre-check.
  • Parameter setting safety value protection.
  • Machine safety dimensions limit.
  • Self-diagnosis system.
  • Multilingual switching.
  • Texas Instruments DSP Motion Processor
  • Four axis hardware motion core
  • Mass Storage (128-1G)
  • USB host interface (external memory read)
  • USB slave interface (system maintenance)
  • Independent keyboard interface (expandable to 64 keys)
  • 8 input/outputs (expandable to 64 inputs and 64 outputs)
  • D/A output (optional)

Standard Accessories:

Hand-held controller, 
Connection cable, 
Interface board, 
Control software CD-ROM
RZNC — 0501 Control System Easy Operation Instructions